Video Formats

Formats For Video Copies:

The following outlines the different formats available regarding video depositions. Copies can be generated in four different formats:

DVD-Data/CD-Data - This format of DVD is becoming a popular medium among the legal community. The videos are encoded as MPEG-1. All courtroom presentation software use this format for playing video inside the courtroom.

DVD-Sync - A DVD-Sync is the same as DVD-Data except that the transcript is synchronized to the video. This is the preferred format for all presentation software and makes preparing for trial a breeze. We can synchronize video to work with Visionary, Trial Director, Sanctions, Summation, Live Note and many others.

DVD-Video - This format has the highest quality picture, however, it is limited in its usability. This type of DVD is highly proprietary, and is extremely difficult to edit and to use with trial presentation software. This type of DVD can be played only on stand-alone DVD players, and computers with specific applications to run DVD-Video.

VHS - Straight VHS format has been widely used in the past. However, it is losing popularity due to the advancements of DVD-Video and DVD-Data