Trial Testimonials

"db Ronk is one of the most committed and hardworking groups I've ever had the pleasure of working with during trial. Their persistent efforts, flexibility, and dedication to the work made a significant difference in our trial."

- Babak G. Yousefzadeh, Esq., Anwyl, Scoffield & Stepp, LLP

I am writing to thank your office for the expert assistance provided in making my trial in February a success.

db Ronk's technical skills and diligent work for many long hours during that trial was of incalculable value in our success.

In the course of this trial, db Ronk helped me better understand how videotaped depositions can be made understandable, palatable, and powerful as a presentation tool in front of a jury.

db Ronk will recall that because many of our key witnesses were videotaped at their places of business out-of-state and would not appear for trial, we were confronted with the horrible task of putting on many hours of videotaped deposition testimony. Through their excellent editing technique, we were able to get through many hours of taped video depositions in front of the jury with very little disruption. After the trial, jurors told the attorneys that the video depositions were very helpful to their deliberations. They commented that running the transcripts simultaneously with the testimony was very helpful.

Thank you again for your company's assistance. I would not hesitate to use your services again, and if asked, I would be happy to encourage others to use your video presentation services.

-John P. McCarthy Anwyl, Scoffield & Stepp, LLP