Trial Services

Need help getting everything ready for court? Need someone in court to control the system while you stay focused arguing your case?


Since 2005, db Ronk is proud to offer the legal community Certified Trial Technicians. Our technicians will work day and night with your office to prepare your Visionary Case file and will go to the courthouse with you to run your presentation.

Let us come in and make your experience in court with Visionary as smooth as possible. No need to worry if the computer is working or if the document will display correctly while you work to argue the case for your client.

All of our technicians are trial certified and have a background in computer repair. So if either Visionary crashes, the computer crashes, or some other failure occurs in court, our technicians are able to fix any problem on site to keep your trial on schedule.

Services Included:

  • 24/7 access to our technicians throughout the duration of your trial.
  • Laptop and Projector to use in court.
  • Scanning and Importing of documents into Visionary and other trial presentation programs.
  • Importing video (sync and non sync) into Visionary and other trial presentation programs.
  • Organizing your documents and video in Visionary and other trial presentation programs.
  • Presenting your case in the courtroom.